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HighFens Team - background

The HighFens team consists of experts with a long track record of building scalable environments independent of their size. The roots of the group are found in traditional High-Performance Computing (HPC). While workloads have evolved from compute-centric to data-centric, so has our knowledge. We offer customers HPC, Big Data, and AI expertise that is backed up by actual customer deployments.

We architect and design solutions for on-premises, in a public cloud or hybrid. The HighFens team understands the importance of automation to maximize flexibility and agility. Besides, the solutions we offer can handle a variety of workloads on bare-metal, virtual, or as containers (micro-services).

Data management is at the center of any modern architecture. Therefore, it is essential to understand how your data relates to the business. For instance, how do business processes and operations interact with data? And how does this impact the performance of the solution?  An inefficient architecture can significantly affect the bottom line. We have decades of experience solving the most challenging data problems.

The team acquired its reputation building solutions for large-scale Speech Recognition engines (HMM, Deep learning) for Enterprise and Consumer markets.

The team:

Frederic Van Haren - CTO - HighFens Inc

Frederic Van Haren

CTO & founder of HighFens, is an expert in high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Called the Tech Forecaster, Van Haren has the unique ability to view an existing architecture, forecast issues a company will face, and quickly design efficient and impactful solutions. He is a co-host of "Utilizing AI", and every week a new podcast is released on the topic of AI in the enterprise.
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Mark Frenette - Principal Architect - HighFens Inc

Mark Frenette

Mark is our consulting Chief architect responsible for the architecture of highly scalable environments and transformation projects. He has over 15 years of experience designing storage solutions and managing multi-petabytes…

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Ed Warner - Business Development Manager - HighFens Inc.

Ed Warner

Ed joined Highfens after a decades-long career in technology companies, where he successfully architected and designed enterprise infrastructure services for mission-critical systems. He also spent significant time leading high-performance computing…

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