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Mark Frenette - Principal Architect - HighFens Inc

Mark is our Chief architect responsible for the architecture of highly scalable environments and transformation projects. He has over 15 years of experience in designing storage solutions and managing the multi-petabytes of data associated with them. His experience as a non-traditional storage architect includes clustered and object solutions for High-Performance Compute (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence environments. His background stretching across compute, storage, and network give him an edge with the handling of complex data flows and management of large data sets.

He started his career as a systems analyst focusing on network programming where resilience and performance is a must.

At Nuance Communications he has managed clusters of over 2,500 servers through automation. Mark is a firm believer in automation as it improves time to implement changes into production from days, hours to minutes. It also helps to reduce human error and keeps costs down. At the same time, he developed solutions that reduce data-gravity for multi-petabyte data systems.

Most recently, Mark developed a solution for Aptiv’s Mobility division to offload large amounts of data (2.6PB daily) from a fleet of autonomous cars.

Throughout his career, he has enjoyed solving hard to find problems. Each new issue is a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new.

Mark was born and raised in New England and currently resides in southern New Hampshire.

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