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Most of the data in the world is unstructured data. The ability to harvest this data efficiently makes it extremely valuable to producing Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. Additionally, a data platform that enables AI developers to manage, query, and version control features for unstructured data give us access to quality data in a repeatable fashion.  Our guest in this podcast is Edward Cui, the founder of Graviti and founding member of OpenBytes.

Graviti’s machine learning data platform has become a crucial part of the AI development process. Graviti solves the industry’s looming AI challenge: how to harness the power of AI applications using the overwhelming majority of data generated today.

OpenBytes is a non-profit that facilitates wider sharing of and collaboration with data in the AI community by creating data standards and formats and enabling data contributions.

Edward is joined by host Stephen Foskett (Gestalt IT) and co-host Frederic Van Haren (HighFens Inc.).

A link to this podcast “Utilizing AI” episode can be found here, or click on the video below.

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