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Building AI pipelines that go from training all the way to inference is complex. The process of building models must be consistent and repeatable. Furthermore, understanding what data was used to build the model and where the data came from is critical. To be successful, you need An ecosystem of tools to help deliver those capabilities.

We were joined by Orly Amsalem, VP of AI Innovation & Business Development at The company created an end-to-end machine learning operating system to empower AI developers to build high-impact models faster on any AI infrastructure. As a result, AI developers have the freedom of choice to run AI workloads where it is the most efficient and cost-effective.

Orly also talked about one of their offerings called AI Blueprints. AI Blueprints are pre-assembled ML pipelines for a variety of business use cases. With AI Blueprints, software developers are now first-class citizens in machine learning.

Orly joins host Stephen Foskett and co-host Frederic Van Haren in this episode.

Join us in the podcast and hear more about the challenges of ML developers.

A link to this podcast “Utilizing AI” episode can be found here, or click on the video below.

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