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Databases are at the core of many AI workloads and the performance of those databases directly impacts the time it requires to analyze the data. However, current database architectures rely on data engines that are not optimal for large-scale data operations.

The host this week is Adi Gelvan, Co-Founder and CEO of Speedb. The company provides a data engine that is a drop-in replacement for RocksDB. Adi walks us through how the data engine scales to billions of objects, enhances write amplification and reduces latency on writes with a more efficient footprint. Additionally, it helps with reducing management overhead.

Adi is joined by host Stephen Foskett and co-host Frederic Van Haren.

Join us in the podcast and hear more about data engines for AI with Speedb.

A link to this podcast “Utilizing AI” episode can be found here, or click on the video below.

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