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In this episode, we discuss and make predictions on AI In the Enterprise and what will have the most significant impact in 2022. Together with host Stephen Foskett (Gestalt IT) and co-hosts Chris Grundeman ( and Frederic Van Haren (HighFens Inc.) we analyze AI in the Enterprise.

Some of the topics:

  • What AI verticals/markets do we expect will have the most considerable advancements or improvements? Are more organizations becoming serious about AI? Will there be new markets that will make their entrance into the Enterprise?
  • There will be an increased focus on ethics in 2022. For example, we have seen Timnit Gebru, ex-Google, create the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR) to document AI’s harms on marginalized groups.
  • What improvements do we expect in 2022 around methodologies, the size of the AI models (number of parameters), 3D, and computer vision?
  • Finally, we did address and provide our own view on some of the questions we received from guests on previous podcasts.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about our 2020 predictions.

A link to this podcast “Utilizing AI” episode can be found here, or click on the video below.

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