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In this episode, we were lucky to have Tony Paikeday from NVIDIA join us. He provides insights into how NVIDIA is helping Enterprises navigate the AI journey. Most people will recognize NVIDIA as the company that makes GPUs; however, they contribute much more. For example, a few years back, they acquired Mellanox, which provides network infrastructure and ensures a network backbone (NVlink) that quickly delivers data to the GPUs. A little know fact is that NVIDIA spends significant efforts supporting the software ecosystem for GPUs. The software enables the GPUs to run complex AI workloads.

Tony talks about the SuperPOD, a complete AI solution (compute, network, storage, and software) for Enterprises and the DGX as the building block to unlock the powerful GPUs.

The co-hosts for this episode: Stephen Foskett (Gestalt IT) and our CTO Frederic Van Haren (HighFens Inc.)

A link to this episode of the podcast “Utilizing AI” is here, or click on the video below.

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