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Where:Las Vegas, NV
When:June 19, 2018
Event:Presentation by Pankaj Goyal, HPE VP AI Incubation & Data Center Center Strategy and Frederic Van Haren. HighFens Inc.
Session:"Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) real: Customer examples of how AI is accelerating business innovation and value"

Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) real: Customer examples of how AI is accelerating business innovation and value

Speaking engagement at HPE Discover with Pankaj Goyal, HPE VP, AI Incubation & Data Center Strategy, to discuss how Artificial Intelligence can be used as a competitive advantage to help extract business value.

Event details

During the session, Pankaj Goyal outlined the benefits of HPE as a proven leader in the AI revolution with a comprehensive portfolio, coupled with expertise and strong engineering partnerships. He followed up with HPE’s strategy and shared his personal insights along with examples of how AI is accelerating business innovation and value.

HPE Discover 2018 - Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) real
HPE Discover 2018 – Making Artificial Intelligence (AI) real

Frederic spent over a decade working on improving Speech Recognition. In the presentation, he explained how the technology behind Speech Recognition has evolved over time.  At first, it was mainly traditional High-Performance Computing (HPC) mixing in Big Data methodologies and techniques to address scalability. Because without a significant improvement in accuracy, Speech Recognition had very little chance to be accepted as an alternative way to interact with devices. With the introduction of AI and more specifically Deep Learning (DL) because of the ability to ingest larger quantities of data and the massively parallel processing capabilities. This delivered Speech-based products the much needed improved accuracy and the market acceptance to become mainstream. Today, most people use Speech daily as part of their routine in their cars and homes. Think of Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and Apple Siri just to name a few.

Although today Deep Learning is considered to be in its infancy Speech Recognition has been applying DL for years and has been a front-runner since then. Many of the AI problems today show similarities with Speech Recognition and can benefit from the lessons learned.

Coffee Talk with HPE Discover Influencers

After the AI presentation, Pankaj Goyal and Frederic were joined by Dr. Eng Lim Goh, HPE VP & CTO, HPC & AI, to have a discussion with the HPE Discover influencers around AI.  The session was live-streamed by one the blogger’s YouTube channel called Geekazine. A link to the recorded video session can also be found below.

Making AI Real for Customers

This session contains Interesting insights and views on AI from Dr. Eng Lim Goh with Pankaj Goyal and our CTO, Frederic Van Haren.

Dr. Go starts the conversation by making the statement that AI is “real”. Use cases such as image classification and identification, speech transcription and translations, and game theory are reviewed. The industry is heavily invested in those three use cases and leveraged by HPE customers. AI affects all industries and can help with the digital transformation and seek to improve business operations.

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