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Where:Las Vegas, NV
When:August 31, 2016
Event:Podcast, Calvin Zito @ HPE Storage aka HPEStorageGuy, Episode 210
Session:"Storage at VMworld"

CAPEX & OPEX discussion with Calvin Zito @ VMworld:

“At VMworld, I had a discussion with Frederic Van Haren. I had done a video with him about 18 months ago where he and a colleague of his talked about their use of HPE 3PAR at his former employer, Nuance Communication. In this podcast, we cover the IT challenge that Frederic was trying to solve at Nuance in a lot more detail. From there our discussion turns to the state of object storage, a topic that Frederic has developed an expertise in. The last topic we discussed was OPEX versus CAPEX and some observations he has about how CFOs are using them to pay for IT. I thought this was interesting because I’ve been hearing the same thing from folks in HPE and I think it will be a topic we’ll talk about more on ATSB.”

The podcast was released on September 4, 2016, and referred to as “#210 Storage at VMworld”. The main page for the blog can be found on HPE’s blog site maintained by Calvin Zito. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here or on Talkshoe here.

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